'What I HATE ABOUT CHRISTMAS. I feel a little guilty using the word 'hate' and the word 'christmas' in the same sentence! Last time I asked you what you liked about Christmas. Today I am telling you what I hate about Christmas.

what I hate about christmas

1. Shopping, but I hate shopping all year round.

2. Church preaching about Christmas, even though I am a Christian. I don't like hearing about 'the real meaning of Christmas' or about 'putting Jesus back into Christmas'. I love Jesus every day of the year! I do not love him more at Christmas.

3. Expectations, the ones we put on ourselves, and the ones others put on us.

4. Spending just because it is Christmas. Most of our kids make more money than we do. Most of them have everything and more than they need. Spending money on them just to play the Christmas game is not pleasurable for me. And having them rack their brains trying to figure out what to buy us (we have everything we need and more too) bothers me too. This year I am inviting them to NOT buy us anything!

5. Hearing about other people's problems surrounding Christmas, from their unmet expectations, to the expectations their family members have put on them for visits, presents, traditions, etc.

There are just five aspect of what I hate about Christmas. That is enough for now. I am already sick of thinking about what I hate about Christmas.

I did discover I am not alone. I googled 'what I hate about christmas' and found a pile of stuff. Check out '8 Reasons I Hate Christmas'.

What about you? Are there things about Christmas that you find difficult?

I have shared with you what I like about Christmas and what I hate about Christmas. I would love to hear what you think too!

Next time I would like to tell you what I do about Christmas to make it manageable for me.

I am so glad you dropped by ‘Depression Getaway’today! There is hope for depression.

Don’t give up, I’m praying for you!

Wendy Love