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Water Depression as if it was a Garden: Water is Good for Depression

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Water depression, it is as good crying for depression.








We have been talking about the positive effects of crying. Certainly if crying is good for everyone, it is also good for those of us who are challenged by depression. We need no longer hide our heads in guilt over the tears that come so freely. We should welcome those tears and their healing benefits.

Water depression? Tears are apparently not the only kind of water that is good for the brain.

Did you know that your brain power improves right after you drink water? (Jennifer Viegas)

Water for depression has so many benefits. Depression is sometimes linked to dehydration because 85% of brain tissue is water. My goodness, wouldn't drinking water sound like an easy solution to it all? It is certainly worth trying.

Water depression.

I am sure we have all experienced the temporary stress of dehydration. But what if this statement were true? What if we depressed folks are possibly moderately dehydrated most of the time? Why even some of the antidepressants can cause dehydration – this is worth thinking about!

This same study states that "hydrotherapy is a calming remedy for stress and anxiety. Taking a warm bath with an herbal supplement can do wonders for the body and soul. Sounds like a cliche, but the hot water will literally ease muscle tension – the supplements also helping and the soothing herbs and the quiet time can just allow the mind to escape. You can literally wash those cares away!"

Oh if it were that easy! But wait, maybe it is? At least maybe hydrotherapy could become one of our great depression getaways.

Here is one last point about water and the brain from another study. "85% of brain tissue is water. The brain is about 1/50th of the body's totaly weight and it uses about 1/20th of the body's blood supply. Dehydration causes energy generation in the brain to decrease."

Do you need further convincing that water, both tears released and water absorbed by mouth or by soaking has positive benefits, maybe even healing benefits for us all?

WHAT ABOUT YOU? How committed are you to finding new strategies for dealing with depression? How willing are you to try a lot of little things to help out with depression in the hopes that each little thing might make a little difference, and that if you added up all of the little differences, you might have a BIG difference?

I am so glad you stopped by 'Depression Getaway' today. There is hope for depression.

Don't give up, I'm praying for you!

Wendy Love

Reposted from April 2010.


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  1. Love the new blog, Wendy, looks great.

    I have to agree about water, it is so easy to become dehydrated, and then our body gets stuck in the trap of water retention and gets puffy as well. I always drink around 2 liters a day of water and milk.

    God bless

  2. Peter,
    Thanks for stopping by. I find the water advice hard to remember but important I know. Glad you are able to do it. Keep it up.
    Wendy Love

  3. Good advice! I find water hard to drink, though. I love pop so much more, but I know it’s not good for me (especially the aspartame and the caffeine). But when I quit, I find I don’t replace it with enough water, because I just don’t like drinking it that much. I have got to develop the habit, though…

    Sheila from To Love, Honor and Vacuum

  4. Sheila,
    Thanks for stopping by and for the confession! I guess we could ALL be reminded to drink more water.
    Wendy Love

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