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Depression Waterworks: It’s Worth Crying About

Crying was not only acceptable in the home I grew up in, it was encouraged. I come from a family of cryers.











I can still hear my mother say after crying "I haven't had a good cry for long time. That was wonderful!" You would think she had just devoured a chocolate brownie!

I cry easily about a lot of different things. And when something strikes me really hard, like a remembered sorrow, I sometimes can't stop crying for a long time. But oh the relief! The burden purged. The sorrow expressed. The tears leave their tranquilizing magic over my body and I sense a wonderful cleansing from the release of so much emotion.

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Prescription for Battle: Take Depression Temperature – Daily

Prescription for depression: take depression temperature – daily. I try most days. My temperature checklist is food, mood, mind, body, weather, yesterday, today, tomorrow. I answer good, bad, or ok beside each item on the list. It is my reality check to start the day. It not only forces me to measure and consciously think about my mood, but to acknowledge factors that might affect my mood such as weather or what I did yesterday.

take depression temperature

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Sabotaging Depression Recovery: Is that You?

Sabotaging depression recovery – are you sabotaging your own depression recovery? One of the ways I do is to get too busy, spending energy I don't have, which leads to fatigue and then depression.

Here is a fun joke about someone who sabotages.

"A priest, a politician and an engineer were scheduled to be executed late in the French revolution. It has to be "public", and people are tired of all the bloodshed, so a crowd of spectators is forcibly rounded up.

The priest is brought up to the guiotine and lays down on the table. The executioner pulls the cord and the heavy steel blade descends … then shudders to a stop in the middle of the track. The executioner is a very smart guy (which is why he is pulling the cord, rather than laying on the table) so he proclaims, "This is a sign from God, that the life of this priest should be spared!" The priest is set free to the delight of the cheering crowd.

Next the politician is brought up and laid on the table. The cord is pulled, and the blade again shudders to a halt in the same place. The executioner proclaims "The grace of God is extended even to this politician!" and the crowd goes wild with joy!

The engineer steps up last and says "You know, if you tighten that bolt, this thing will work."

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Resentment vs Forgiveness: Which One Makes You Sick?

Resentment versus forgiveness? That was a choice I faced after my divorce. I chose forgiveness but it wasn't easy and it didn't happen right away. I had to wallow in resentment for awhile which only added to my misery.

resentment vs forgiveness

A great movie about resentment is "Grumpy Old Men". They make a comedy out of it but really, the feud takes up every bit of energy from the two main characters. It is a lesson about resentment being consuming, stupid and a poor choice.

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Travelling Strategies for my Bipolar Brain

Travelling strategies! Everyone can benefit whether mental illness is part of the situation or not. If you're not stressed when you leave, many are stressed by the time they arrive. 

travelling strategiiesThe first time I discovered that there was a better way for me to travel was in the year 2000. My husband and two of my step children made the trip from Ontario to Florida in a minivan. My husband and 16 year old son shared the front seat and navigated and enjoyed each other's company. My 14 year old stepdaughter took the middle seat (this was when minivans had bench seats), made herself a nest and read and listened to music all the way. I took that rear seat, also a bench and spent much of the trip lying down (which spared my back), reading and listening to music. As long as I had my headphones on, no one bothered me. Oh there were still a lot of things about the trip that were challenging for this bipolar introvert, but at least the car time was as free of stress as I had ever experienced. For the first time I discovered 'travelling strategies', ways that I could alter travelling to minimize stress.

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Strategies: Mine are working, are yours?

'Strategies for Travelling' might be a better title for this post.


When I was growing up in the 1950's my favourite TV show was 'The Roy Rogers Show'. At the shows end it showed Roy Rogers and his wife Dale Evans, riding their horses off into the hills and singing 'Happy Trails to You'. I remember I sometimes watched it with my little friend Bobby and we would straddle the back of the couch like it was our horse and pretend we were Roy Rogers and Dale Evans as we sang along

The expression 'happy trails' or 'bon voyage indicate to me that there is something good about taking a trip. Not for me!

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‘Hero for Bravery’ Award, JUST FOR YOU!

HERO? You? Yes, you!

hero for bravery

You are a hero, so am I.

You are brave, so am I.

Recently I watched a 'hero' movie, "My All American". In a grand hollywood ending, the 'hero' walked out onto a football field and an entire stadium full of people stood up and cheered him.

That should be us, we folks who are challenged every day with mental illness. We should be getting those cheers every day that we make it through another day without quitting.

Oh, I know that the idea of a hero usually indicates public acknowledgement. But let's forget that part and just think of the part where you didn't give up. At the end of each day when you go to bed you should imagine a stadium full of people cheering you on and saying "way to go, you made it through another day!"

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Would you like to be “AS HAPPY AS A PIG IN MUD”?

Finger painting was always popular when I was a elementary school art teacher. Who doesn't like squishing wet gooey stuff between their fingers? When I taught a painting class to the older children they loved to play with their paint trays after they were done, making a wonderful mess out of the remaining paint. And don't get me started on paper mache, always a hit with any age. You could really lose yourself in that gushy paste!

Pigs might love paint or paste too if they had the chance, but they instinctively know that mud is the superior ecstacy.

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New View, New Point of View

Writing about my kitchen window views these last couple of weeks makes me remember all of my kitchen views over my 67 years, twelve altogether. Some have been nicer than others but they all eventually became a familiar source of comfort to me. 

I no longer have a house in the country, so my view is quite different now, but I love it. I live in a small town and my kitchen overlooks the firestation, a few houses and the busiest road in town, which everyone takes to the arena and the community centre. I overlook our little parking lot too so I can see my neighbours coming and going. It is not exceptionally pretty but I love it just the same.

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SURPRISE! There’s a Man at my Kitchen Window!

This morning there was a man at my kitchen window! And that was a surprise since my apartment is on the second floor. Well, not a complete surprise since recently the windws have all been replaced and the sills were not in yet, so I was sort of expecting him. Anyways, it was a kind of fun surprise.

This morning there was a man at my kitchen window! And that was a surprise since my apartment is on the second floor. Well, not a complete surprise since recently the windws have all been replaced and the sills were not in yet, so I was sort of expecting him. Anyways, it was a kind of fun surprise.


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