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Depression Review: Eight Keywords for Depression Recovery, Part 1

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'Keywords for Depression Recovery' sounds simple doesn't it? Eight steps and you're done, right? Not so much. Depression recovery is like a diet or a budget. Unfortunately your have to follow the prescribed regimen to get some positive results. 



'Keywords' is a popular internet word. It's kind of a computer buzzword in a way. It means the word that people use to find out about a certain topic.  So, hopefully if you google 'keywords for depression recovery' you will end up here.

But did that word, keyword, even exist before we had internet? Well, I checked and yes it did. It simply means a word that unlocks the meaning like a key that unlocks a door.

In your attempt to uncover the 'keys' to depression recovery I would like to present 8 keywords to help in your journey. Is recovery easy as pie? No. Do these 8 keywords for depression recovery outline a little work for you? Yes.

If we are going to do a good depression review, we need to get down to basics. Here are my eight keywords for our depression recovery journey: 1. DIAGNOSIS








As I write this I am in my own personal relapse zone. I am 'hitting a brick wall' despite all of my efforts. This is the part of mental illness that I rarely share because the truth is discouraging. What truth?

Sometimes, no matter how much you do right, things can come out wrong.

Yes, it's true. Even to me who writes about all sorts of neat strategies for depression. I share my strategies with you in the hopes of helping you cope with depression, NOT with the intention of leading you to actually overcoming depression. Recover is however possible and I have experienced it at times and I know I will experience it again. Sometimes it last for awhile, sometimes just a few days. But the effort is worth it. 

This is a rewrite of an article I did years ago and so I thought I would review it and try to take some of my own personal advice. It is good, whether you are in relapse or not, to review your strategies and see if there is anything you missed that could help you feel better.

If you are working towards recovery then you must believe it is possible, right? If so then you need to adopt an attitude that will see you through. A positive attitude is our only hope in combating the negative thoughts which are at the core of depression.

WHAT ABOUT YOU? Are you up for a review? So, let's pretend, together that we are checking into the hospital for eight weeks. Each week we will work on one of the keywords for depression recovery. At the end of the eight weeks I will write myself a report card and share my findings with you. Are you with me?

I am so glad you dropped by today! Join me again at ‘Depression Getaway’. There is hope for depression. Don't give up, I'm praying for you right now.

Dear Lord,

Please help my friend who is reading this right now. Heal them from depression, help them to get the help they need and provide loving support for them according to each of their personal needs.

Wendy Love

keywords for depression recovery

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Help! I am Hitting a Brick Wall!


Depression Recovery Diagnosis: #1 Keyword is Diagnosis


  1. What an interesting idea! I never thought to look up how long “keywords” has been around. What a neatly solid original meaning. I like it.

    Thanks for visiting my scrapbook today.

    Peace to you,


  2. Thanks to you for dropping by too! I have been enjoying your writing immensely. Keep up the great work.

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