As I write this I am once again 'hitting a brick wall' with depression. I would rather call it 'hitting a brick wall' than use the dreaded word 'relapse'. That's just too depressing! To me 'hitting a brick wall' implies that I have done everything I know to do even though I am once again depressed.

hitting a brick wall

If I am relapsing, does that mean my strategies don't work? No, it just means that I have hit a rough patch and have to decide whether to just weather the storm until it passes or address the downswing and seek further help. 

I do realize that there is power in acceptance. I understand the benefits of 'rest and relaxation'. But there is something in me that finds it hard to just lay back and accept this as normal. Maybe it is part of my rebellious nature. Maybe it is just my way to want to research further and see what I can find. 

I have decided to review my maintenance program and see where changes can be made. This makes me feel less like a victim of this unfortunately incidious condition called bipolar disorder.

I researched the expression 'hitting a brick wall'. As I am sure you can guess, it just means that progress is halted. Instead of a door opening on the path you are on, there is not only a closed door, not only a wall, but a brick wall. Sound impossible? On the bright side, 'hitting a brick wall' implies that effort is being made. We don't hit a brick wall when we are idle. But there is no getting through a brick wall without help, right?

Occasionally on this blog I will share personal information. It is not my style to spill my guts or to tell every detail of how I am feeling. There are plenty of other blogs out there that do that if you want to find them. For some people misery loves company, I am not one of those people.

I even hate admitting that I am 'hitting a brick wall' since I write so much about strategies that I claim help depression. It feels like I am admitting defeat when I fall prey to depression once again. And yet this is the truth of this illness.

Instead of complaints I prefer solutions! That is my way. And so as I venture into another downspell I am looking for some new solutions. In seeking new solutions I decided to review what I already know.

So while I paddle through the muddy waters of another depressive episode, I thought that we could review some good basics together. After that review is done, I will share with you what I have learned (again), what I have changed and what, if any, results I have gotten from all of that.

Are you with me? Would you like to make some changes as well? Then come along as we journey through 'Eight Keywords for Depression Recovery'.

I am so glad you dropped by Depression Getaway today. There is hope for depression. Don't give up, I am praying for you (and me) right now.

Dear Lord,

Please help me and my friends overcome depression. Please give us new insights and new ways of dealing positively with a negative illness. Please heal us and lead us towards a healthy recovery.


hitting a brick wall