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Faith is my Key and Faith is Free!

Faith is my key.

Faith is free!

Can you afford that?


Do you have any?

Would you like some?

Faith is my key and faith is free!

Faith is my key for surviving depression.

Depression is hard enough to live through

but living through it without some kind of faith, to me would be impossible.

As a Christian my faith is in Jesus Christ.

My faith not only brings me salvation but also comfort and strength for the hard times.

faith is my key

My faith is not hinged on getting better, feeling better, living a depression free life.

Oh that would be nice though – a depression free life….

But my faith is my faith no matter what.

I cling to that, it comforts me, it sustains me. My faith is my key to survival.

My faith is in a God who I believe exists, loves me, hears my prayers,

and is preparing a wonderful place for me to live in heaven.

This faith, this God is my comfort and my strength.

And do I ever need comfort and strength.


Life without faith is harder.

Depression without faith even harder.

I am recently coming through a real bad patch of depression.

I can't help but think "what do I have to offer anyone?

Look at me, even with all of my own research and advice,

even with all of my strategies and supports,

I still experience bouts of depression."

I don't have the answers but…

 I am a victorious survivor. 

The key to my survival is my faith.

I can share my faith.




The key to help, comfort and strength to endure.

faith is free

What about you?

Do you have a faith?

Does it help you?

Would you like to have this free gift of faith?

We will chat more about this the next time.

In the meantime, I am praying for you.



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  1. Gail

    Thankyou Wendy for your testimony of your faith and encouragement.

    ❤   Gail

  2. You are most welcome. Always lovely to hear from a fellow believer.

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