Faith is invisible!

faith is invisible

Faith is invisible. 

It is intangible.

Faith is blind and yet….

it causes us to see, 

see what?


So how can you get some of this faith?

1. The first step towards faith is admitting that you need outside help-

other than good friends, a good counsellor and medication.

I am talking about needing a savior, like God.

If you don't think of yourself as a sinner you don't need a savior.

If you have thought that you wished you had some kind of faith in something….

then maybe you would like to try my faith.

2. One of the trickiest parts of faith is the blind part.

You need to get rid of your own ideas in order to surrender to God,

knowing that his ideas are most likely better than yours anyways.

3. Faith is a choice. You can simply choose faith and go from there.


I believe in an almighty God, I believe he sent his son to live down here on earth,

just like we do, and experience life just like we do.

He then allow that grown son to die on a cross to provide forgiveness for our sins.

I believe he called his son Jesus, even though his son was in fact, God himself.

How can you have faith in this God?

Start by talking to him like this:

"Hello God, this is me, ________. I would like to believe in you.

Please help my unbelief.

I can't see you but I am choosing to believe anyways because I need help.

I am choosing faith.




Are you already a believer? 

Would you like to believe in a real God, who cares about you?

Did you say that prayer?

We'll chat some more about this the next time

but in the meantime, I will be praying for you.

You can pray too if you like.

Anyone can pray.

Prayer is just talking to God.

faith is invisible