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Depression Therapy: #3 Keyword for Depression Recovery

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Depression therapy is SUPPOSED to help. I just haven't experienced that personally yet. However, having said that, and having 'hit a brick wall' with another dip into depression, I have decided to give it another try. I will catch you up to date on how effective that was in a few weeks.


It would be a shame if your doctor gave you a diagnosis, prescribed some medication and then sent you home to work things out on your own. However, that is exactly what happens for many of us. It may not be until your symptoms persist that your doctor will suggest some sort of therapy.

Everyone can benefit from therapy, even if they aren't depressed, but if you are depressed it could be another useful tool in your get well kit.

We all know how good it is to have someone to talk to. The popular term is 'talk-therapy'. Therapy involves talking to someone whose only job is to listen to you! What a luxury.

There are so many different forms of counseling/therapy out there. Here is a good description of the difference between the two found in 'Living with Depression' by Deborah Serani. "Psychotherapy is not counseling – and it's important to make this distinction. Counseling is a short-interval, problem-solving process that targets a specific situation. The counselor offers advice and suggestions. Psychotherapy is a longer-term treatment that focuses on gaining insight into chronic behavioral and emotional problems."

.Not convinced yet? Maybe you need to read about the benefits of psychotherapy.

You will need to find a counsellor you can trust, who you feel comfortable with and who you actually like! lelse may recommend someone that they like but maybe you won't. It is very personal. This might take some trial and error.

We probably all agree that having a good old chat with someone we trust and who cares about us can have a wonderfully positive effect for awhile. Having that chat with a trained therapist could have even longer lasting results.

For a little laughter therapy click here 

We have now covered three of the eight keywords for depression recovery: diagnosis, medication and therapy. 

WHAT ABOUT YOU? Have you tried any kind of therapy? Is therapy something you would like to consider? Don't dismiss it. It might be one of the most important keys to your depression recovery.

I am so glad you dropped by Depression Getaway today. There is hope for depression. Don't give up. I am praying for you right now.

Dear God,

You know the person who is reading this right now. You know them better than they know themselves because you created them! Would you please help them find someone they can talk to, really talk to? Thanks.

Wendy Love


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Depression Review: #2 Keyword is Medication


Researching Depression is our #4 Keyword for Recovery


  1. kim

    Wendy ,

    thank you so much for today's post 

    especially the prayer 

    i hit the wall last September, was hospitalized for 6 weeks ( plus another 6 wks in a supportive housing place) where i was diagnosed and put on yet another supply of meds BUT no therapy. Maybe im wrong but i thought i would get some sort of therapy, even group therapy on the psych ward. 

    my psychiatrist said i need trauma therapy and handed me a list of people to call . Not an easy task when im struggling with depression and barely able to cope with daily life . Don't misunderstand, i do have some ok days 

    im on PWD so i cannot afford a therapist. Some offer sliding scale but i still cant afford the $85/sessions. There was 1 free one on the list , my name has been added to the 3 yr waitlist . Im also on a waitlist for a Life after Trauma group 

    The mental health system is broken . They expect the ill person to search out help on their own. I dont know about others, but for me , just keeping my head above water takes all my mental/physical energy. The task of finding  help is more than im capable of while in the darkness of depression 

    so again, thank you for that prayer (and hearing my rant)


  2. Sometimes ranting is the only therapy we have! I know what it is like to be out there on your own, dangling in thin air with depression and no help. Don’t give up. There might be something out there yet for you. Ask your doctor, go to your local social services, go online for your area and do a little research. I will be praying that you will find some special free help!

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