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Depression Recovery Diagnosis: #1 Keyword is Diagnosis

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Depression recovery diagnosis. It took me eight depressing years before I was accurately diagnosed with bipolar disorder. We won't experience recovery until we know what we need to recover from. Getting the right diagnosis is the #1 keyword in our depression review.

depression recovery diagnosis
For the next 8 posts, we are going to review some of the basics in depression recovery. Yes, I said recovery! Lots of people recover from depression. You may as well be one of them! But it isn't easy and you will need to work as hard as your doctors to even get the right diagnosis.


Without the right depression recovery diagnosis you are unlikely to get the right treatment.

Have you got the right diagnosis?

I wrote a four part series on Journaling for the Right Diagnosis awhile back. Maybe you will find it helpful.

Getting the right diagnosis is not as easy as you might imagine. All mental illness is complex. The only information the doctors have to go on is the information you give them.

If you are seriously depressed when you first go to the doctor, you may not be much help. Many doctors will take your symptoms at face value and conclude that you have some kind of clinical depression. They will prescribe an antidepressant and send you home.

Some doctors will give you follow-up appointments. Other doctors will just let you go and assume you will come back if you don't get better. This is a serious life-threatening illness. Even if your doctor does not suggest it, I would recommend that you ask for follow-up visits.

If you are willing to do your part at this stage, you will have more success on the road to recovery. 

The best book on the subject is The Feeling Good Handbook, but it is big, try not to let that discourage you. It can really help you diagnose yourself.

Or, if you want something more immediate, there are diagnostic tests on the internet you can take yourself to give you an idea of what might be the problem. Make paper copies and take them into your doctor with you.

The right depression recovery diagnosis doesn't always happen immediately away. It may take you and your doctor awhile to figure it out. Usually you will find the answers yourself if you are willing to stick with it and keep trying to clarify your situation.

My doctor treated me for depression for ten years without success. It was finally through my own online research, where I filled out a test for bipolar that I realized that might be the answer, and it was.

So, as I take this Keywords for Depression Review, I can check off 'diagnosis' since I already have that covered.

What about you? Have you been diagnosed? Are you convinced it is the right diagnosis? Might it be time to go back to your doctor and review your symptoms? Or is it time to get a new doctor with a new perspective on your situation?

I am so glad you dropped by Depression Getaway today. There is hope for depression. Don't give up, I'm praying for you right now.

Dear God,

Would you please comfort the precious person reading this blog post today? And while you're at it would you please help them find the right diagnosis? Thank you Lord.

Wendy Love

depression recovery diagnosis

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  1. Hi Wendy,
    There seems to be so many reasons that cause depression. Some are hereditary and others may be caused by a recent incident.

    Whenever I am feeling depressed It is usually caused by too much work and not enough play. I had to learn as I got older to schedule playtime into my adult life.

  2. Justin,
    Thanks for dropping by. What a wonderful reminder to schedule play into our adult lives.

  3. Nice post Wendy! While there are many reasons for depression and most of which I feel can be overcome if we want to get rid of them, though some that may be caused due to hereditary problems or other complications surely would need more medical attention- just as you mentioned. 

  4. Harleena,
    Thanks for dropping by! I checked out that magazine post, very well written, good resource, thanks.

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