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Travelling Strategies for my Bipolar Brain

Travelling strategies! Everyone can benefit whether mental illness is part of the situation or not. If you're not stressed when you leave, many are stressed by the time they arrive. 

travelling strategiiesThe first time I discovered that there was a better way for me to travel was in the year 2000. My husband and two of my step children made the trip from Ontario to Florida in a minivan. My husband and 16 year old son shared the front seat and navigated and enjoyed each other's company. My 14 year old stepdaughter took the middle seat (this was when minivans had bench seats), made herself a nest and read and listened to music all the way. I took that rear seat, also a bench and spent much of the trip lying down (which spared my back), reading and listening to music. As long as I had my headphones on, no one bothered me. Oh there were still a lot of things about the trip that were challenging for this bipolar introvert, but at least the car time was as free of stress as I had ever experienced. For the first time I discovered 'travelling strategies', ways that I could alter travelling to minimize stress.

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Strategies: Mine are working, are yours?

'Strategies for Travelling' might be a better title for this post.


When I was growing up in the 1950's my favourite TV show was 'The Roy Rogers Show'. At the shows end it showed Roy Rogers and his wife Dale Evans, riding their horses off into the hills and singing 'Happy Trails to You'. I remember I sometimes watched it with my little friend Bobby and we would straddle the back of the couch like it was our horse and pretend we were Roy Rogers and Dale Evans as we sang along

The expression 'happy trails' or 'bon voyage indicate to me that there is something good about taking a trip. Not for me!

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