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Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful!


"Wonderful!" I never tire of hearing that word. I was blessed for a few years to teach in a private Christian school. The prinicpal at that school was one of the most positive people I knew. And he was the loudest person too! But it is not so terrible to be loud when it is all positive. I was happy to have a classroom close to his office. He often left the door open. Whenever he answered his phone or replied to an inquiry at his door such as "Good morning Mr. Smith, how are you today?" his response would be a big loud "wonderful!" every time.

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‘Gentle on my Mind’ is my ‘Bridge over Troubled Water’


I remember it like it was yesterday. My happy childhood was lived out in a beautiful neighbourhood near the Scarborough Bluffs in Toronto, Ontario. I had a cozy home and a family who loved me. I worked hard and helped around the house but other than that I was an indulged kid with a privileged life. My time was my own and I spent a lot of my teen years lying on the floor in front of the 'hi-fi' listening to Glenn Campbell over and over and over. I had such a crush on him and loved his singing and his songs. 'Gentle on my Mind' was one of my favourites and a big hit way back then.

I was thinking about that song today, especially that title, as I was considering, as usual, how to manage this old depression.

'Gentle on my Mind' (lyrics) got me thinking about how we all need to be gentle on our minds, whether we are dealing with depression or not. We need to think thoughts that are gentle, not harsh. This does not come naturally, especially when you are depressed. I've always wondered what comes first, the negative thinking or the depressive mood? No matter, they sure happen at the same time!

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Gaining New Perspective: Part One

This entry is part 1 of 3 in the series Gaining New Perspective


Isn't that an amazing photo? Do you think if you were the one right there on that mountaintop, taking in that view, that you would be able to gain some new perspective on your life?

A recent article by one of my favourite depression writers John Folk-Williams titled 'Changing Core Beliefs about Depression' got me thinking…. You may want to read it yourself along with other great stuff on his blog 'Storied Mind' and see if it tweaks some new thinking for you too.

He talks about the core beliefs of his own depression story like this: "The core beliefs of my depression story are bleak: things don’t work out, I stumble and fail, I don’t have much energy or motivation, I’m no good at getting along with people, in groups I’m invisible, and on it goes."

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Truth or Consequences



There was a game show in the 1960’s called ‘Truth or Consequences’.

Based on the parlor games “Forfeits” and “Fine or Superfine,” the show was a combination trivia game and stunt show. Contestants were asked silly questions and had to answer correctly before “Beulah the Buzzer” sounded. If they failed to give the “Truth,” they had to face the “Consequences”– usually a funny and embarrassing stunt. Often contestants were reunited with long-lost family or friends on the air. 

The same thing happens to me with depression. If I don’t tell myself the truth there will be consequences. If I believe the lies in my head the consequence will be depression.

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