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Help! I am Hitting a Brick Wall!

As I write this I am once again 'hitting a brick wall' with depression. I would rather call it 'hitting a brick wall' than use the dreaded word 'relapse'. That's just too depressing! To me 'hitting a brick wall' implies that I have done everything I know to do even though I am once again depressed.

hitting a brick wall

If I am relapsing, does that mean my strategies don't work? No, it just means that I have hit a rough patch and have to decide whether to just weather the storm until it passes or address the downswing and seek further help. 

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Sabotaging Depression Recovery: Is that You?

Sabotaging depression recovery – are you sabotaging your own depression recovery? One of the ways I do is to get too busy, spending energy I don't have, which leads to fatigue and then depression.

Here is a fun joke about someone who sabotages.

"A priest, a politician and an engineer were scheduled to be executed late in the French revolution. It has to be "public", and people are tired of all the bloodshed, so a crowd of spectators is forcibly rounded up.

The priest is brought up to the guiotine and lays down on the table. The executioner pulls the cord and the heavy steel blade descends … then shudders to a stop in the middle of the track. The executioner is a very smart guy (which is why he is pulling the cord, rather than laying on the table) so he proclaims, "This is a sign from God, that the life of this priest should be spared!" The priest is set free to the delight of the cheering crowd.

Next the politician is brought up and laid on the table. The cord is pulled, and the blade again shudders to a halt in the same place. The executioner proclaims "The grace of God is extended even to this politician!" and the crowd goes wild with joy!

The engineer steps up last and says "You know, if you tighten that bolt, this thing will work."

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Creativity and Depression:Part One

This entry is part 1 of 3 in the series Creativity and Depression

Kathryn Vercillo headshot

Or maybe this post should be titled "Crochet Saved My Life".

Really, am I comparing a crochet hook to a lifebuoy? Well, sort of. Let me explain.

"Crochet Saved My Life" is the title of a new book by Kathryn Vercillo. You will definitely want to check this out!

Not only does the book describe how crochet helped Kathryn through the dark days of depression, but also how it helped many other women who are also challenged by a chronic illness.

These stories are inspiring and encouraging and filled with hope.

Whether it is crocheting or any other hobby you may choose to pick up, having a creative interest, working with your hands and your heart can heal and help and preserve sanity better than any therapy or medications.

Now don't quit your therapy or stop taking your medications because I said that!

But do read the stories about these amazing women and how crochet saved their lives.

Or read the introduction to the book and see if it grabs your attention.

This week I am going to share my own personal story about how working with my hands saves me every single day. Do you have a story you would like to share with me? I would love to publish it on my blog.

I am so glad you dropped by today!

Join me again at ‘Depression Getaway’ and together we will…

…live, care, laugh, share, learn, discover, forgive and recover.

Don’t give up, I’m praying for you!

Wendy Love

Positive Blogging

This entry is part 11 of 17 in the series Whimsical Wednesday


It’s ‘Whimsical Wednesday’ where I chat about any old thing that comes to my flighty little mind!

Confession – I don’t read very many other blogs. Oh I tried, I really did, but so many other blogs about depression are – well – depressing!

If you struggle with depression you want to surround yourself with as much positive as you can and stay away from as much negative as you can.

The other important consideration with depression is to remember how easily overwhelmed we get and for me, too much information is overwhelming.

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Depression Review: Keyword #7 is Recovery!

This entry is part 8 of 9 in the series Depression Review with Eight Keywords

2008_004654Recovery! Isn’t that what we are all working towards? Doesn’t it sound wonderful? How different would your life be if you were free of this old depression?

My fantasy life, a life free of depression would have all sorts of pleasant social interactions in it. I would have people over for supper. I would volunteer in the community more. I would be able to babysit my grandchildren just for the fun of it. I would travel with my husband who loves to travel. The list is long. How about you? Do you have a list of things that you would do if you were fully recovered?

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