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Faith is Invisible – That’s Why You Have to be Blind to See It!

Faith is invisible!

faith is invisible

Faith is invisible. 

It is intangible.

Faith is blind and yet….

it causes us to see, 

see what?


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New View, New Point of View

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series Looking Out My Kitchen Window

Writing about my kitchen window views these last couple of weeks makes me remember all of my kitchen views over my 67 years, twelve altogether. Some have been nicer than others but they all eventually became a familiar source of comfort to me. 

I no longer have a house in the country, so my view is quite different now, but I love it. I live in a small town and my kitchen overlooks the firestation, a few houses and the busiest road in town, which everyone takes to the arena and the community centre. I overlook our little parking lot too so I can see my neighbours coming and going. It is not exceptionally pretty but I love it just the same.

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Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful!


"Wonderful!" I never tire of hearing that word. I was blessed for a few years to teach in a private Christian school. The prinicpal at that school was one of the most positive people I knew. And he was the loudest person too! But it is not so terrible to be loud when it is all positive. I was happy to have a classroom close to his office. He often left the door open. Whenever he answered his phone or replied to an inquiry at his door such as "Good morning Mr. Smith, how are you today?" his response would be a big loud "wonderful!" every time.

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Is Anger a Cause or Symptom of Depression?

This entry is part 7 of 8 in the series The "Depression Go-Aways"

'Angry Andrew' is next in my cast of characters for my series I am calling "The Depression Go-Aways".  The thing is with these characters is that yes, you do want them to go away. However, you also want to pay attention to what they may be trying to tell you.

No character can do you and others more harm than 'Angry Andrew'. If you let him stay, he will get bigger, and bigger and BIGGER!

How big a topic is ANGER? huge! HUGE! HUGE!

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Eat, Pray, Love and… Sing!

This entry is part 12 of 19 in the series Self-expression

eatprayloveHave you read the book or seen the movie? It has some good stuff in it.

Here is my favorite quote from the book: “There’s a crack in everyone…that’s how the light of God gets in.”

As we continue in our series on self-expression, I was reminded of this poignant story of a woman on the search for happiness. She was truly looking for new ways to express herself! That is what we are doing too.

So far, from our list of ten ways to express ourselves, we have talked about three: worship (prayer), art (coloring), and dance.

Today let's talk about music as self-expression, since it goes along with dance doesn't it?

If you have been praying, coloring and dancing then you have already experienced some of the benefits of self-expression.

Let's add music to the list. First we will start with the most simple aspect of music that you won't need any equipment for and won't have to spend any money on – SINGING!

I have written about Singing For Depression before on this blog.

Here is a quote from my favourite devotional called “Streams in the Desert”: “We can sing our cares away easier than we can reason them away. Sing in the morning. The birds are the earliest to sing, and birds are more without care than anything else I know. Sing in the evening. Singing is the last thing robins do. Oh that we might sing morning and evening and let song touch song all the way through.”

So if you are taking the Self-Expression Challenge, add singing today! It doesn't have to be fancy or good, just sing! See what it does for you?

WHAT ABOUT YOU? Have you tried any of these things? Praying? Coloring? Dancing? Has it made any difference?

I am so glad you dropped by today!

Join me again at ‘Depression Getaway’ and together we will…

…live, care, laugh, share, learn, discover, forgive and recover.

Don’t give up, I’m praying for you!

Wendy Love


If You Love Surprises, then you will Love Praying!

This entry is part 7 of 19 in the series Self-expression

black cows

What does a black cow have to do with prayer? Well, let me tell you my black cow story first and then I will make the connection.

My husband and I had been away in St. Jacobs, Ontario for a few days. As we enjoyed our breakfast one bright winter morning, in a wonderfully windowed dining room overlooking the St. Jacobs Farmers Market and Stockyards, as well as several empty parking lots for outlet stores, I saw a big black blob which caught my interest. As I watched it I thought I saw movement, but no, I concluded, that must just be the wind, it is probably a big black garbage bag.

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Praying – It’s Easier Than You Think

This entry is part 6 of 19 in the series Self-expression


Today I would like to share a favourite story from “Streams in the Desert, Book 2” entry date May 12.
The story is told of a shabby old gentleman who every day at twelve o’clock would enter the church, stay a few minutes, then leave. The caretaker was concerned for the valuable altar furnishings. Every day he watched to be sure nothing was taken, and every day just at twelve the shabby figure would arrive. One day the caretaker accosted him. “Look here, my friend, what are you up to, going into the church every day?””I go to pray” replied the old man politely.

“Now come”, the cautious caretaker said, “you don’t stay long enough to pray.”

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Self-Expression Through Prayer

This entry is part 5 of 19 in the series Self-expression


At each of my daughters weddings I received the most delightful revelation. At both weddings I was invited to welcome everyone at the reception and then pray before we ate. At each wedding, as I reached the podium and looked at my daughter and her new husband I had a revelation ("this is the one I have been praying about all of these years!")

Let me explain. When I first became a christian I was about thirty years old and my daughters were 3 and 5. I was excited about everything to do with my new found faith. I devoured my bible and read books telling me how other christians led their lives. One christian woman said how she started praying for the spouse of each of her children, while those children were still young. I decided I would do that too! And so I started praying for a little boy I hadn't met yet, but who God had already chosen for each of my girls.

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