'Cause you've got personality,
Walk, with personality
Talk, with personality
Smile, with personality
Charm, personality
Love, personality
And plus you've got
A great big heart'
You might be too young to remember this song from the 60's. In those days if someone said that a person had a great personality the assumption would be that they were referring to the part of the personality that was thought to make you popular such as outgoingness, friendliness, confidence or maybe a sense of humour.
No one who was shy and withdrawn would have been thought to have a great personality. Personality was considered an outward trait. But we have evolved from that to a different time and more insight into the various personality types.
Look at one of the hit shows of our time, 'The Big Bang Theory'. The personalities on this show would not have won 'the life of the party' award, or 'the person who comes across best in a job interview' review, or even the delectable 'boy next door' notation and yet these 'geeks' or 'nerds' as they were called years ago are the heros of the day both in the entertainment world as well as the business world.
"The Line Substitution Solution" -- Pictured: Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons), Leonard Hofstadter (Johnny Galecki), Howard Wolowitz (Simon Helberg) and Rajesh Koothrappali (Kunal Nayyar). Sheldon hires Stuart to spend the day with Amy when he'd rather go to a movie screening.   Also, Leonard's mother, Beverly (Christine Baranski), comes to town and Penny struggles to make a connection with her, on THE BIG BANG THEORY, Thursday, May 5 (8:00-8:31, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Photo: Michael Yarish/CBS ©2016 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Thanks to Bill Gaits and various rich technical geniuses we are broadening our concept of personality.

The whole point to making sure we get the right diagnosis is so that we can get the right kind of treatment. As we set up a lifestyle for ourselves that will bring healing and comfort and nurture to our condition, we absolutely cannot leave personality out. Mental illness does not paint everyone with the same brush. Despite the setbacks of depression, the effects it has on our lives, it is still a very personal journey. Our unique personalities must be factored in.

The kind of person you are will affect how the illness affects you as well as how you will best cope with depression.

So I ask you 'what kind of personality are you?'

Here is a test you could take before you read any further. If you don't like that one, take this one.

No matter what your diagnosis, it will help you to handle mental illness better if you know a bit more about yourself, why you think like you do, why you do the things you do.

If I didn't have this incite, I couldn't handle my own illness.

I am an INTROVERT. Stated bluntly that means that socializing tires me. Solitude energizes me.


When I was first diagnosed with depression, I thought that maybe I didn't like people at all and that made me feel even more guilty about my condition. But when I realized that I was simply an introvert, I felt less guilty.

I battle with bipolar as well as introversion. I need to consider them both. Without this knowledge I could not handle this illness. One of my strategies when I am really sick is to make sure I get some time alone. Often I have discovered that I wasn't depressed at all, I was just needed some quiet time.

By taking these personality tests maybe you can find more information about the way you are made to help you build the best possible life, with or without depression.

The book 'The Introvert Advantage' is my go to when I need a reminder of what it means to be an introvert.

If you'd like to hear another expert speak about introversion you might like to look up Susan Cain.


WHAT ABOUT YOU? Do you have a good grasp on white kind of personality you are? Would you like to dig further? Are you convinced that this kind of information may be a tool to add to your arsenal of 'depression getaways'?


I'm so glad you dropped by Depression Getaway today. There is hope for depression. Don't give up, I'm praying for you.

Wendy Love