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Prescription for Battle: Take Depression Temperature – Daily

Prescription for depression: take depression temperature – daily. I try most days. My temperature checklist is food, mood, mind, body, weather, yesterday, today, tomorrow. I answer good, bad, or ok beside each item on the list. It is my reality check to start the day. It not only forces me to measure and consciously think about my mood, but to acknowledge factors that might affect my mood such as weather or what I did yesterday.

take depression temperature

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‘Treasure Map’ for Bipolar Boot Camp

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Is this the kind of image you have see you think of 'boot camp'?

The 'free dictionary' defines boot camp as:

1.A training camp for military recruits.

2. A correctional facility that uses the training techniques applied to military recruits to teach usually youthful offenders socially acceptable patterns of behavior.

More recently the term 'boot camp' is used by exercise gurus to indicate that you will work hard, make some changes and get some results! It is  drastic, effective and necessary!

Why 'Bipolar Boot Camp'?

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Diagnostic Journaling: Detecting Clues

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Diagnostic journaling could be a great job for a detective.

My doctor has a gift for detective work and I am glad she does. When she first began treating me, she would start me on a small dose of the medication and then continue to increase it to the ‘recommended therapeutic dose’. Sometimes I would start to get better and when she increased it I would get worse. Puzzled by this, she took my chart, reread all of her notes and noticed that I always did better on a smaller dosage than the one recommended. If she didn’t have good notes, she would not have been able to figure that out.

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