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‘Gentle on my Mind’ is my ‘Bridge over Troubled Water’


I remember it like it was yesterday. My happy childhood was lived out in a beautiful neighbourhood near the Scarborough Bluffs in Toronto, Ontario. I had a cozy home and a family who loved me. I worked hard and helped around the house but other than that I was an indulged kid with a privileged life. My time was my own and I spent a lot of my teen years lying on the floor in front of the 'hi-fi' listening to Glenn Campbell over and over and over. I had such a crush on him and loved his singing and his songs. 'Gentle on my Mind' was one of my favourites and a big hit way back then.

I was thinking about that song today, especially that title, as I was considering, as usual, how to manage this old depression.

'Gentle on my Mind' (lyrics) got me thinking about how we all need to be gentle on our minds, whether we are dealing with depression or not. We need to think thoughts that are gentle, not harsh. This does not come naturally, especially when you are depressed. I've always wondered what comes first, the negative thinking or the depressive mood? No matter, they sure happen at the same time!

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Thankfulness + Mindfulness = Help for Depression: Part One

This entry is part 1 of 3 in the series Thankfulness + Mindfulness = Help for Depression

raindropsAs a kid I can remember spending a lot of time waiting for my dad to come home from work. I loved my dad and his homecoming was often the highlight of my day. If it was raining while I watched for him through our front window it was a special treat. I would watch the water drops fall down the window pane. Sometimes I would pick two water drops and imagine they were racing and watch expectantly to see which one would finish first! I was really MINDFUL of those raindrops. That is something that keeps children happy, mindfulness. Let me explain.

Last week I gave you my own '99 Reasons to be Thankful'.

The week before I talked about the 'The Healing Power of Thanksgiving'.

Now I would like to add a discussion about 'mindfulness' to this theme.

What is mindfulness?

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