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Depression Review: Eight Keywords for Depression Recovery, Part 1

This entry is part 1 of 9 in the series Depression Review with Eight Keywords

'Keywords for Depression Recovery' sounds simple doesn't it? Eight steps and you're done, right? Not so much. Depression recovery is like a diet or a budget. Unfortunately your have to follow the prescribed regimen to get some positive results. 



'Keywords' is a popular internet word. It's kind of a computer buzzword in a way. It means the word that people use to find out about a certain topic.  So, hopefully if you google 'keywords for depression recovery' you will end up here.

But did that word, keyword, even exist before we had internet? Well, I checked and yes it did. It simply means a word that unlocks the meaning like a key that unlocks a door.

In your attempt to uncover the 'keys' to depression recovery I would like to present 8 keywords to help in your journey. Is recovery easy as pie? No. Do these 8 keywords for depression recovery outline a little work for you? Yes.

If we are going to do a good depression review, we need to get down to basics. Here are my eight keywords for our depression recovery journey:

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The Drug Debate



If you read as much as I do about depression, you will not miss the growing opinion that drugs are bad for us, that the entire antidepressant thing is just a ploy of the pharmaceutical companies and that we are all simply falling for their greedy, not lofty, goals.

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Depression Review: #2 Keyword is Medication

This entry is part 3 of 9 in the series Depression Review with Eight Keywords

pill_bottle_and_pills1As we continue with our depression review, we come to the second most important step: medication. I know, I know, many of us hate taking pills for anything if we can avoid it.

I assure you however, that the first time you ever sink into a deep dark depression, you will probably take any pills offered to you! Why? Because you will be so desperate to stop feeling the way  you feel.

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Tracking Progress: My Personal Depression Update

Tracking progress – that's right, I said 'PROGRESS'! Today I am going to share my progress report. Do you keep track of your depression progress? if you don't track your progress you will feel like you are not getting anywhere and you will get even more depressed.

tracking progress

Here is how I have progressed. Keep in mind that I have bipolar and so I have to track both my high moods and my low moods. I have learned to recognize when my moods are on the move, which unfortunately they usually are! I can tell when I am getting too high and I can feel when I am sinking.

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You Don’t Want to Be NCIS: Not Clued into Self

This entry is part 3 of 4 in the series Journaling for the Right Diagnosis

NCIS is one of my favourite TV shows, and apparently the most watched tv show around the world. I enoy the characters. The plots are about murder, yes, but they seldom show gorry stuff. Humour is added into a serious topic. This show doesn't disturb my sensitive nature or bring me down in any way. It is one of my favourite Depression Getaways.

Of course, NCIS stands for Naval Criminal Investigative Service but I have taken a few liberties and made an acronym just for us.





All good detectives take notes and that is what I am encouraging you to do.

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