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The Drug Debate



If you read as much as I do about depression, you will not miss the growing opinion that drugs are bad for us, that the entire antidepressant thing is just a ploy of the pharmaceutical companies and that we are all simply falling for their greedy, not lofty, goals.

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Depression Review: #2 Keyword is Medication

This entry is part 3 of 9 in the series Depression Review with Eight Keywords

pill_bottle_and_pills1As we continue with our depression review, we come to the second most important step: medication. I know, I know, many of us hate taking pills for anything if we can avoid it.

I assure you however, that the first time you ever sink into a deep dark depression, you will probably take any pills offered to you! Why? Because you will be so desperate to stop feeling the way  you feel.

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Depression Review: Eight Keywords

This entry is part 1 of 9 in the series Depression Review with Eight Keywords


‘Keywords’, did that word even exist before we had internet? Well, I checked and yes it did. It simply means a word that unlocks the meaning.

If we are going to do a good depression review, we need to get down to basics.

Here are my eight keywords for the depression journey:

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Journaling for the Right Diagnosis: Part Three

This entry is part 3 of 4 in the series Journaling for the Right Diagnosis


girl-writing-in-journalYour doctor’s ability to help you is based on what you share with them. The more information you have for them, the more they can come to a proper diagnosis and get you the right kind of medication.

If you don’t get the right diagnosis, you won’t receive the right treatment. If you don’t get the right treatment, you won’t get better.

We’ve been talking this week about how journaling can help you to get a right diagnosis. By recording your thoughts, your activities, your feelings and your medication reactions, you can have a wealth of information to take to your doctor’s appointments with you.

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