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Depression Recovery Diagnosis: #1 Keyword is Diagnosis

This entry is part 2 of 9 in the series Depression Review with Eight Keywords

Depression recovery diagnosis. It took me eight depressing years before I was accurately diagnosed with bipolar disorder. We  won't experience recovery until we know what we need to recover from. Getting the right diagnosis is the #1 keyword in our depression review.

depression recovery diagnosis
For the next 8 posts, we are going to review some of the basics in depression recovery. Yes, I said recovery! Lots of people recover from depression. You may as well be one of them! But it isn't easy and you will need to work as hard as your doctors to even get the right diagnosis.


Without the right depression recovery diagnosis you are unlikely to get the right treatment.

Have you got the right diagnosis?

I wrote a four part series on Journaling for the Right Diagnosis awhile back. Maybe you will find it helpful.

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Tracking Progress: My Personal Depression Update

Tracking progress – that's right, I said 'PROGRESS'! Today I am going to share my progress report. Do you keep track of your depression progress? if you don't track your progress you will feel like you are not getting anywhere and you will get even more depressed.

tracking progress

Here is how I have progressed. Keep in mind that I have bipolar and so I have to track both my high moods and my low moods. I have learned to recognize when my moods are on the move, which unfortunately they usually are! I can tell when I am getting too high and I can feel when I am sinking.

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Depression Getaway Launch Party


Welcome to the Depression Getaway Launch Party! I am so glad you came.
As you come aboard and find your seats you will notice several things in your cruise package. The first thing is the most important.

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Writing for Healing #2: Freewriting

This entry is part 2 of 7 in the series Writing for Healing

Every Friday we will do an exercise from 'One Year of Writing and Healing'. I hope you enjoy this one.  You can jump in anytime and join us. This week is about freewriting.

Last Friday was about choosing a place to write which is a good idea. I could tell you what I chose, but the truth is, I will change it every week. Routine is something I can't seem to stick to. How about you, did you pick a special place?

Now here is this week's exercise. It's really quite easy. Have some fun with it.

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Journaling is like Gardening; You Need Tools

This entry is part 4 of 4 in the series Journaling for the Right Diagnosis

Gardening compared to journaling? Well, that works for me since I love to do both. But for some of you both a garden or a journal may seem overwhelming.

working in garden

I remember my first few attempts at a vegetable garden. I had no clue and didn't realize I was planting in hard clay! My second garden was better, the soil was excellent and I grew some great stuff, but I not only had not realized how much work there was but also didn't face the fact that I just didn't have the time to do it. There were more weeds than produce. By the time I attempted my third vegetable garden, I had done a lot of reading, I had more time and went into it informed and ready. It was beautiful to look at, a joy to work in and I took a lot of wonderful vegetables out of it.  

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You Don’t Want to Be NCIS: Not Clued into Self

This entry is part 3 of 4 in the series Journaling for the Right Diagnosis

NCIS is one of my favourite TV shows, and apparently the most watched tv show around the world. I enoy the characters. The plots are about murder, yes, but they seldom show gorry stuff. Humour is added into a serious topic. This show doesn't disturb my sensitive nature or bring me down in any way. It is one of my favourite Depression Getaways.

Of course, NCIS stands for Naval Criminal Investigative Service but I have taken a few liberties and made an acronym just for us.





All good detectives take notes and that is what I am encouraging you to do.

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Diagnostic Journaling: Detecting Clues

This entry is part 2 of 4 in the series Journaling for the Right Diagnosis

Diagnostic journaling could be a great job for a detective.

My doctor has a gift for detective work and I am glad she does. When she first began treating me, she would start me on a small dose of the medication and then continue to increase it to the ‘recommended therapeutic dose’. Sometimes I would start to get better and when she increased it I would get worse. Puzzled by this, she took my chart, reread all of her notes and noticed that I always did better on a smaller dosage than the one recommended. If she didn’t have good notes, she would not have been able to figure that out.

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Diagnosis Through Journaling: Digging for Secrets, Part 1

This entry is part 1 of 4 in the series Journaling for the Right Diagnosis

Diagnosis may not be as complicated as you imagine.


Do you remember when you first realized you had some symptoms of depression?

Here was my initial experience. 

I was going through a stressful time in my life (divorce), but coping, or so I thought. One of the ways I dealt with stress was through exercise, particular, walking. One day, while on my walk, I felt like I could not go at my usual pace. The only other time I remembered feeling that awful was when I had anemia. So, assuming that it was the same thing this time, I went to my doctor.

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Writing for Healing

This entry is part 4 of 4 in the series Journaling: Cheaper than Therapy

Writing for healing is the bottom line of this series on jouraling. 












After three days of writing about journaling and its benefits for us all, I am ready to introduce Diane Morrow. She will help all of us to write by providing suggestions and guiding us through easy, useful exercises.

Here is the introduction to her lessons on writing for healing.

“Welcome to One Year of Writing and Healing, a site designed to explore connections between writing and healing–and to facilitate your own exploration.

Here, you'll find writing ideas, recommended books, and food for thought, all grounded in a growing body of research on expressive writing and health, and also grounded in my own work–as a writer, a teacher of writing, and as a physician.

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Scrapbook Journaling: Cutting out Feelings

This entry is part 3 of 4 in the series Journaling: Cheaper than Therapy

Scrapbook while you journal? It may be be a little less intimidating for some of you than only writing.


Scrapbook joined with journaling can be more fun than you can imagine and today I are going to show you how.

We have been chatting about journaling and the benefits for depression. I have cited several articles on the subject. For those of you who enjoy research, an even more in-depth scientific article called ‘Emotional and Physical Health Benefits of Expressive Writing’.

But for those of you who are tired of the serious aspects of this subject and wish it could be made to sound like a bit more fun, I will refer you to my sister’s blog. She has a creative way of journaling which just might make it more appealing for some of you! She scrapbooks with her journal.

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