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Water Depression as if it was a Garden: Water is Good for Depression

This entry is part 4 of 4 in the series Depression Waterworks

Water depression, it is as good crying for depression.








We have been talking about the positive effects of crying. Certainly if crying is good for everyone, it is also good for those of us who are challenged by depression. We need no longer hide our heads in guilt over the tears that come so freely. We should welcome those tears and their healing benefits.

Water depression? Tears are apparently not the only kind of water that is good for the brain.

Did you know that your brain power improves right after you drink water? (Jennifer Viegas)

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‘Authentic Crying’ or A Really Good Cry

This entry is part 3 of 4 in the series Depression Waterworks

Authentic crying might be a new term for you, I know it was for me. But don't judge until you have read the rest of this post.


I remember distinctly several good cries I had that were unexpected. I will share one. It was three years after my father had died suddenly at the age of 59. I was at my cousin's wedding surrounded by family. It was a happy occasion. The master of ceremonies was my dad's best friend. Before he began he said something nice about my dad and how he would have loved to have been there for this special occasion. My tears began. I thought I could just wipe them away, but no, they would not stop. I quietly inched my way backwards out of the crowded room and went off to have a good, unexpected cry. The tears would not stop for long time. I was totally overwhelmed with grief as though my Dad had just died.

I was not in control of those tears. They were in control of me. But if they were there, I guess they had to come out right? Once I stopped, I stopped, I was finished crying and able to take part in the happy event once again.

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Depression Waterworks: How You Can Benefit from Tears.

This entry is part 2 of 4 in the series Depression Waterworks

Did you know you can benefit from tears? Now there is a tear for you! One single precious tear. I wonder what happened to produce that single tear? 

"…crying is the vehicle the body and system uses to clear out and release old held emotional energy."

There is more to a good cry than my mother realized. It is necessary, natural and good for you. It provides some emotional freedom. The benefit from tears is worth knowing.

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Depression Waterworks: It’s Worth Crying About

This entry is part 1 of 4 in the series Depression Waterworks

Crying was not only acceptable in the home I grew up in, it was encouraged. I come from a family of cryers.











I can still hear my mother say after crying "I haven't had a good cry for long time. That was wonderful!" You would think she had just devoured a chocolate brownie!

I cry easily about a lot of different things. And when something strikes me really hard, like a remembered sorrow, I sometimes can't stop crying for a long time. But oh the relief! The burden purged. The sorrow expressed. The tears leave their tranquilizing magic over my body and I sense a wonderful cleansing from the release of so much emotion.

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Would you like to be “AS HAPPY AS A PIG IN MUD”?

Finger painting was always popular when I was a elementary school art teacher. Who doesn't like squishing wet gooey stuff between their fingers? When I taught a painting class to the older children they loved to play with their paint trays after they were done, making a wonderful mess out of the remaining paint. And don't get me started on paper mache, always a hit with any age. You could really lose yourself in that gushy paste!

Pigs might love paint or paste too if they had the chance, but they instinctively know that mud is the superior ecstacy.

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Cognitive Therapy for Dummies, Part I

This entry is part 1 of 3 in the series Cognitive Therapy for Dummies

Cognitive therapy for dummies? Am I insulting you? Absolutely not! I was skeptical about cognitive therapy when I first heard about it. Then I found out how simple it was and how it could be broken down into one step at a time.

cognitive therapy for dummies

Now don't take the 'dummy' part personally please. It is just that the whole idea of cognitive therapy seems kind of ominous and complicated and I thought if we could just 'dummy' it down a bit, we all might find it more digestable and then maybe more user friendly. Besides, we are crazy, we are not dumb, right?

'Cognitive therapy for dummies' is a rather serious topic for this 'festive' season, but you may find that you will need this method desperately during the holidays so please read on.

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Blogging Heroes: Meet Cancer Survivor, Depression Recoverer









Blogging heroes are pioneers on the internet exemplifying courage, wisdom and inspiration. Welcome to the second in many Mondays of "My Heroes" where I will share with you, one blogger who is doing a great job blogging through depression and inspiring others.

What is a hero to you? The original idea of a hero would have been something to do with super human strength. 'Hero' sometimes implies somebody that we look up to. To me 'hero' involves someone who tries hard to live a full life in face of  human limitations and hardships. To me, anyone who can continue to inspire others, despite their own disappointments is a hero.

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Writing for Healing #8: The Mystery of Language

This entry is part 7 of 7 in the series Writing for Healing

The mystery of language, wait, is language really a mystery? Well, yes, in that when you are first introduced to it, it is truly something that has to be figured out. If you have ever been with a six year old when they begin to uncover the mystery of language you will see firsthand the wonder and awe of it all.

mystery of language

Fridays are our 'Writing for Healing' days where we take a lesson from One Year of Writing and Healing. by Diane Morrow. You can join in anytime. You may or may not want to look at the lessons you have missed. Some of the lessons are so easy they only take a few minutes so don't assume this is a huge undertaking. It can be fun and healing at the same time!

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My Heroes: Blogging through Depression with Hero #1

This entry is part 1 of 1 in the series My Heroes: Blogging Through Depression

Blogging through depression is what I am doing. I have been inspired by others doing the same.

blogging through depressionMondays are going to become my 'depression heroes' days for the next little while. My definition of a hero of depression is one who will not give up getting help or being a help; one who refuses to willingly give in to the doom and gloom of this illness and instead forges on to try anything they can to not only cope, but thrive, despite the odds.

My first hero writes a blog titled "Madsadgirl". She comes from London, England and she writes anonymously. She is blogging through depression.

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Writing for Healing #7: Journal, Box, Computer File?

Journal, box, computer file? What do you use for your writing? 

journal, book, computer file






I am so glad you joined us for our regular Friday Writing Lesson taken, with permission, from One Year of Writing and Healing by Dianne Morrow.

You can join in anytime. Most of these lessons are easier than you could imagine. There is very little 'work' and a lot of 'fun'.

This week's lesson doesn't even involve writing, wait and see…

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