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Would you like to be “AS HAPPY AS A PIG IN MUD”?

Finger painting was always popular when I was a elementary school art teacher. Who doesn't like squishing wet gooey stuff between their fingers? When I taught a painting class to the older children they loved to play with their paint trays after they were done, making a wonderful mess out of the remaining paint. And don't get me started on paper mache, always a hit with any age. You could really lose yourself in that gushy paste!

Pigs might love paint or paste too if they had the chance, but they instinctively know that mud is the superior ecstacy.

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Journaling is like Gardening; You Need Tools

This entry is part 4 of 4 in the series Journaling for the Right Diagnosis

Gardening compared to journaling? Well, that works for me since I love to do both. But for some of you both a garden or a journal may seem overwhelming.

working in garden

I remember my first few attempts at a vegetable garden. I had no clue and didn't realize I was planting in hard clay! My second garden was better, the soil was excellent and I grew some great stuff, but I not only had not realized how much work there was but also didn't face the fact that I just didn't have the time to do it. There were more weeds than produce. By the time I attempted my third vegetable garden, I had done a lot of reading, I had more time and went into it informed and ready. It was beautiful to look at, a joy to work in and I took a lot of wonderful vegetables out of it.  

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