FREE GIFT? Don't you just love getting something for nothing? Well then I have a free gift for you which I have created myself!

free gift

This is a booklet called 101 Depression Getaways. I should really call it 101 FREE Depression Getaways. There are 101 coloured pictures to go with the 101 Free Getaways.

You are invited to make a paper copy of this free gift and give it to someone special. Yes, it is copyrighted, but in this case it means you can copy it, you just can't sell them for profit.

You may want to make a booklet out of it, cover and all. Why not make a copy for yourself while you are at it and put it by your bed?

101 Depression Getaways

WHAT ABOUT YOU? How are you feeling today? Could you use a free gift? How about a free depression getaway? It's important at this time of year to continue to take care of yourself and your mental health issues. Grab a depression getaway off of the list.

I am so glad you dropped by ‘Depression Getaway’ today. There is hope for depression.

Don’t give up, I’m praying for you!

An early 'Merry Christmas' to all of you!

Wendy Love