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Faith and Hope: You Can’t Have One Without the Other

Faith and hope: you can't have one without the and hope

Faith and hope have an important connection.

My faith in a loving God gives me strength for today and hope for tomorrow.

My faith gives me the hope that I won't be depressed forever

because my faith tells me that nothing on this earth is forever.

faith and hope

Faith gives me hope and helps me NOT to give up.

Greg Simas has some insightful comments about the relationship between faith and hope.


Faith is given by God to know God.


Faith is the substance of hope and hope awakens faith.


Without faith, hope is only a wish (powerless).

But when we have hope in God, faith is powerful.


faith and hope


Need some hope?

Get some faith.

How do you get some faith? 

By praying….

faith and hope

Faith and hope: you can't have one without the other.

Don't give up, I'm praying for you!

Faith – More than a Depression Getaway

Faith – more than a depression - more than a depression getawayMy faith is more than my depression getaway.

It is my anchor in a storm.

It is better than a hospital bed with compassionate nurses and skilled psychiatrists.

It is better than the best antidepressants.

It doesn't give me a break or a getaway from depression.

It gives me strength to survive.

It give me a reason to survive.

You see with faith in a living God, I believe there is more to life than this life I live.

I believe there is life after death and that life is a billion times better than this life.

And so I believe that depression won't last forever.

I believe that my life has meaning and my problems have meaning.

I believe that all of the yucky stuff associated with depression is not a waste.

I believe I am learning and it is making me a more compassionate person.


depression shrinks my life,


faith expands my life.

I believe in something, someone, bigger than me and that is God himself.

I have faith in a God who has a plan for me.

faith - more than a depression getawayFaith is a choice. 

I choose faith.

You can too!


Do you have faith in a living God?

Would you like to have faith?

I am praying for you right now.

You can pray too.

faith - more than a depression getaway



Faith Moves Mountains – How does that work exactly?

Faith moves mountains!faith moves mountains

Faith, which I claimed last week was invisible, can move mountains?

How can that possibly be?

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Faith is Invisible – That’s Why You Have to be Blind to See It!

Faith is invisible!

faith is invisible

Faith is invisible. 

It is intangible.

Faith is blind and yet….

it causes us to see, 

see what?


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Faith is my Key and Faith is Free!

Faith is my key.

Faith is free!

Can you afford that?


Do you have any?

Would you like some?

Faith is my key and faith is free!

Faith is my key for surviving depression.

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The Power of One Baby

the power of one baby

Have you ever wondered why God chose to visit this earth in the form a little baby?

I have until about a year ago I was enlightened about the power of one little baby.

Babies are powerful.

Our family was blessed with another new baby last Christmas, a little girl named Reilly. There was already a nine year old sister, Laine, and an eight year old brother, Jack, in this family. Reilly was an unexpected surprise to everyone but her mom and dad who had decided they loved raising kids so much that they wanted more.

I remember the day the big announcement was made. We were all together at a family birthday party. Jack who can barely keep a secret arrived at the door telling everyone they had "a big announcement, a really big announcement and you are going to be really surprised!"

Well, a baby was not even on the list of anyone's guesses.

When it was time for cake, Jack and Laine stood proudly together facing the entire family and in one voice yelled out

“we're going to have a baby!”

You could not contain our excitement – there were hoops and hollers and tears and congratulations and hugs and well – you can imagine.

We were transformed in that moment. 

 The baby had not even arrived yet and already had a powerful effect on all of us but especially on Jack and Laine.

Now Jack, who had spent the last 8 years as the annoying little brother was not used to being held in high regard but this baby was going to change everything for him. His mother told him and he announced with a proud voice

“this baby is going to look up to me!”

This powerful little baby who hadn't even arrived yet had brought Jack



and anticipated joy

like nothing else could.

As for the big sister Laine – calm, serene, demure – she, like Mary, 'pondered these things' quietly.

By the time Christmas came along Reilly was two months old and the power of her transforming presence was undeniable.

I was talking about the baby Jesus with the other grandchildren and I said “you know Mary was so young, not much older than you girls. Could you even imagine being a mother at your age?”

Laine, with the body of a nine year old girl, but the heart and wisdom of a woman said

“I could. I've got Reilly.”

One little baby made a real live mother out of a nine year old girl and a respected older brother out of an eight year old boy.

That is one powerful baby.

All babies are powerful.

Only God knows how much.

May the baby Jesus, God in the flesh, become more real to you than ever before this year.

May you embrace that little baby Jesus and absorb all of its tenderness, love and transforming power.

Merry Christmas!

the power of one baby

Merry Christmas!

This entry is part 6 of 8 in the series Taking Control of Christmas Chaos


I used to envy people with faith. I remember thinking 'it must be nice to have the peace that comes with believing that there is a God who cares." I wanted to believe, but for some reason I couldn't.

My sister became a Christian before I did. I trusted my sister and she started lending me some interesting books about faith in Jesus Christ. Then I started reading my bible and even going to church. As I opened my heart to Jesus, He walked into it and has been living there ever since.I remember the first moment I began to believe that Jesus Christ was real. I was 30 years old and I had been reading about Him as I ventured into my bible for the first time. One day it just came over me. He was real! Instantly I thought "why did it take me so long to see this?"

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Jesus Loves Even Me!

This entry is part 15 of 15 in the series Faithful Friday

faithIt is 'Faithful Friday' where I share something about how my faith helps me.

With mental illness there are times when nothing works. A brisk walk, a hot bath, a caring friend, a good sleep, an ice cream cone are all little pick me ups that give temporary relief sometimes. But other times, not even those little things help. The desperation is unbearable. All seems hopeless and pointless. When I get that low only my faith in God will help me and hold me and prevent me from doing anything foolish.

Why does my faith do that for me? I believe that God loves me so much that he sent his son Jesus to die for me – me! And I believe that that very same son, Jesus, loves me! That is truth to me. And when I remind myself that the king of the world, the one true living God, died for me and loves me, well I am reminded that I must have value. If God values me that much then I must be valuable!

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Pray for your Enemies

This entry is part 14 of 15 in the series Faithful Friday

PrayerWomanIt is 'Faithful Friday' where I share something about how my faith helps me deal with my life, even with depression. Depression is an illness of the thoughts and some kinds of thoughts are more painful to bear than other kinds of thoughts.

Recently I was reminded about the thoughts of 'unforgiveness' and thoughts of anger and of hate. Someone wanted to share with me how they hated someone I knew. I did not want to listen to this at all and eased my way far from that conversation. But the words of hate were spoken and I could feel them having a negative effect on me. Naturally I wish that person had kept their ideas to themselves. My first thought was to tell someone about it, and get it off of my mind and onto theirs. Then I thought again and figured that wasn't the right thing to do either and it would make me no better than this person who had upset me so.

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God is Reflected in my Eyes

This entry is part 13 of 15 in the series Faithful Friday

bibleYou It is 'Faithful Friday' where I chat about how my faith in God helps me in life.

Last time on 'Whimsical Wednesday' I shared this photo of my granddaughter and of the reflection in her eyes.

I asked you whose reflection would show in your eyes? Who cares for you? Who is rooting for you?

You know who's reflection I believe you would see in my eyes if you had supernatural powers? God's reflection.

When you have faith you believe that God loves you even more than a loving parent. You believe that he is right there watching you all the time, cheering you on.

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