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My Christmas surprise – spoiled by me! crying

One of the magical parts of Christmas for many of us is SURPRISE. Little did I know how much work went into setting up these surprises.

I was 15 and my sister was 18. By now I had long gotten over one of the first big letdowns of Christmas – there was no Santa. I still enjoyed the magic of the surprise presents under the tree. On this particular day in December, I foolishly decided to go snooping for my gifts, which I found under my parents' bed. My sister and I often got similar gifts and these boxes were exactly the same. But I only had time to open one box before I heard someone arriving home. In the unwrapped box was a coat. I loved this coat! Stylish and cozy, this fake fur was fuzzy and fluffy and the same colour as my beloved cat, caramel and white. I could totally picture myself in it. Excited, I was full of expectation – until Christmas morning.

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