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Depression Review: Keyword #5 is Lifestyle

This entry is part 6 of 9 in the series Depression Review with Eight Keywords



How are you coming along with our depression review? Are you learning something new?

We have covered the first four important items: diagnosis, medication, therapy and research. Are you on track?

Well, there is more to do if you really want to recover from this old depression. Like it or not you may have to make some lifestyle changes. Try to think of it as if you were picking out a whole new wardrobe.

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Personality Plus!

puppiesWhat kind of personality do you have? Have you ever taken a personality test? Some of them are fun and some of them are kind of silly and pointless but here is one that you might find insightful. This test is based on Carl Jung and Isabel Myers-Briggs typological approach to personality.

This test is merely a sampling of the kinds of questions Carl Jung and Isabel Myers have created, but their tests are used universally by therapists, counsellors and psychiatrists.

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