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‘Gentle on my Mind’ is my ‘Bridge over Troubled Water’


I remember it like it was yesterday. My happy childhood was lived out in a beautiful neighbourhood near the Scarborough Bluffs in Toronto, Ontario. I had a cozy home and a family who loved me. I worked hard and helped around the house but other than that I was an indulged kid with a privileged life. My time was my own and I spent a lot of my teen years lying on the floor in front of the 'hi-fi' listening to Glenn Campbell over and over and over. I had such a crush on him and loved his singing and his songs. 'Gentle on my Mind' was one of my favourites and a big hit way back then.

I was thinking about that song today, especially that title, as I was considering, as usual, how to manage this old depression.

'Gentle on my Mind' (lyrics) got me thinking about how we all need to be gentle on our minds, whether we are dealing with depression or not. We need to think thoughts that are gentle, not harsh. This does not come naturally, especially when you are depressed. I've always wondered what comes first, the negative thinking or the depressive mood? No matter, they sure happen at the same time!

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‘Worried Wanda’, the sneakiest ‘Depression Go-Away’

This entry is part 5 of 8 in the series The "Depression Go-Aways"

WorriedWandaNo introduction is necessary for ‘Worried Wanda’. Why you don’t even have to be depressed to know about worry. Everyone worries, right?

Yes, everyone worries. That is why I say that ‘Worried Wanda’ is the ‘sneakiest ‘Depression Go-Away’. She seems normal. But for those struggling with depression she is more than normal. She is a serious symptom to be dealt with.

Why? Because there is a difference between everyday worry and depression worry.

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Cognitive Therapy for Dummies: Part III

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series Cognitive Therapy for Dummies

child-mirrorWe have been chatting about cognitive therapy. It can be quite complicated and there are therapists that could help you. But I have a simple way you can do it yourself!

Talk to yourself! That’s right, talk to yourself. If you have to use a mirror to help you, talk to yourself! Pretend you are your own best friend and talk back to yourself.

Refute those wrong thoughts. It will be hard at first but you can do it! And once you get the hang of it, you may be surprised at how many lies you find yourself thinking.

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Depression Report Card: “A” for Emoting!

If I gave us all a 'depression report card' we would get an "A" for emoting! Now there is something I am good at. You probably are too! Depression is an illness of heightened emotions, mostly negative emotions unfortunately. But if I was going to give us an "A" on anything, it would be emoting!

depression report card

Can you identify? Would you get an "A" for emoting on your depression report card? What are some of your strongest emotions when you are depressed? Anger? Sadness? Guilt? Self-pity? Worry? I could go on and on.

Emoting becomes such a habit that we may not even be aware that we are doing it.  Even when we are not depressed, sometimes we emote too much for our own good or for anyone else's good. It is exhausting.

And then there is the flip side, when you are so low it seems like you can't feel anything at all. I have often wondered, what comes first?

Do the negative emotions lead to depression or does depression lead to negative emotions? Does it even matter?

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