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Working with your Therapist: It takes Two!

This entry is part 4 of 4 in the series Beware! Therapy can be Risky Business

Wow! These guys seem to have a great technique for one of the most difficult races of all time, the three-legged race.

Now this would be more typical, two trying to work together but pulling each other down. Maybe they had communication problems.

One time a few years ago, as I returned for my three month visit with my psychiatrist, I sat discouraged, in her office as she reviewed my file to get up to speed on my situation. She said "last time we were together you said you were managing".

"Yes, I guess that is true" I replied "but all I do is manage. My full time job is managing this illness. It takes up all of my life to do just that." I explained how I attempted to walk every day, eat healthy and stay away from people and situations that were negative for me. I told her that to a certain extent that was helping and yet I was still depressed most of the time.

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Therapy: One Size does NOT Fit All!

This entry is part 3 of 4 in the series Beware! Therapy can be Risky Business


One of the great things about therapy, if it is working for you, is that once a week, or once a month you know you are going to spend time with someone whose only purpose for one hour is to listen to you and focus on you. That is a luxury. And during that time between sessions, if something comes up either in your circumstances or your symptoms, you know you will have an upcoming opportunity to discuss it with someone you trust.

The counsellors that were the most helpful for me were the ones who already knew me and my situation. My family doctor and my sister knew me the best and I trusted their judgement. I did not trust my own judgement. 

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Depression Review: #3 Keyword is Therapy

This entry is part 4 of 9 in the series Depression Review with Eight Keywords


It would be a shame if your doctor gave you a diagnosis, prescribed some medication and then sent you home to work things out on your own.

The truth is unfortunately, that might be what will happen to many who seek help for depression the first time. It may not be until your symptoms persist and the meds don’t work that your doctor will suggest some sort of therapy for you.

Everyone can benefit from therapy, even if they aren’t depressed, but if you are depressed it would be another really useful tool in your get well kit.

The bottom line is that it is good to have someone to talk to. The popular term is ‘talk-therapy’. Talking to someone whose only job is to listen to you! What a luxury.

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