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Congratulations! You Made It Through Another Year! Hooray!

This entry is part 8 of 8 in the series Taking Control of Christmas Chaos

This past year I had good days and bad days. I know everyone has their ups and downs, not just people with bipolar disorder. But if you have any kind of mental illness, those bad days can feel insurmountable. Those bad days cloud over all of the good days. There were several times this year when I felt like giving up. There were moments when I thought 'how have I managed for so long with these awful thoughts, these feelings of hopelessness? Why do I have to live a life where I am weak half of the time as I would be if I had the flu?' But I managed! I survived! Some days I even thrived.

But I will avoid making any New Year's Resolutions. Why? In order to make resolutions I would have to analyze what I have not done well this year so that I could resolve to do better. And I don't want to remember that stuff. I want to hang onto the successes.


Give yourself a pat on the back instead!

This entire series on 'Taking Control of Christmas Chaos' won't be complete without getting you over the New Year's hump.

Making a list of New Years resolutions can just make you more depressed. That kind of list points out the parts of your life that you're doing wrong. You don't need to dwell on that, especially during your weakened post-Christmas condition. You are delicate. You need to be kind.

So here's an alternative plan. Make a list of successes for this past year. If you think hard enough you can find something. It doesn't matter how small it is.

Here's my list:

1. I survived.

2. I kept taking my medication even though it really doesn't seem to help much.

3. I'm still on speaking terms with everyone I know.

4. I survived supporting my husband through four surgeries, several trips to the big city, and compromised eyesight while he recovered.

5. I survived doing all of his jobs as well as mine. (Truthfully, I fell apart several times along the way, but I survived!)

6. I managed to craft a blog post every week.

7. I continued to search new ways to cope with this insidious bipolar disorder. I did not lose hope.

8. I adhered as much as possible to my coping strategies of walking, solitude, writing, quilting, reading and drawing.

If I made a list of my perceived areas of failure, it would be a much longer  and depressing list.

If I listed the ways I could improve on my failures, I would become exhausted and depressed.

If I listed the number of times I lost hope, I would lose more hope.

WHAT ABOUT YOU? Are you ready to make that list of your successes? Try it, it may not be as hard as you think.

I am so glad you stopped by Depression Getaway today. There is hope for depression. Don't give up, I'm praying for you.

Dare I say "Happy New Year"? Why not!

"Happy New Year!"

Wendy Love

The Ultimate Blogging Challenge, Day 31, I DID IT!


I did it! I took ‘the Ultimate Blogging Challenge’ and I blogged for 31 days in a row!

Why did I do it? It just seemed like a fun idea at the time. I live a quiet life. I don’t do a lot. I don’t get out a lot. I am always having to ‘be careful’, ‘don’t overdo it’, ‘pace yourself’… you get the picture.

But every so once in a while, something comes along and I say ‘I could do that!’ and I give it a try.

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The Ultimate Blogging Challenge: Day One: 4 Things You May Not Know About Me!

This entry is part 1 of 1 in the series The Ultimate Blogging Challenge

Here I go! I am taking 'the Ultimate Blogging Challenge'. Check it out for yourself, right here, maybe you would like to take it too. I will be blogging 31 days in a row. Why? Because it seems like a fun idea. So here we go!

I would like to start by re-introducing myself to you and tell you why I started blogging.

1. My name is Wendy Love. I am a 62 year old grandmother of four, happily married after experiencing divorce. I am the mother to two amazing women, stepmother to another amazing woman and two fabulous men, mother-in-law to three dynamic men, retired from teaching and from the craft show business. That is the stuff you see.

2. The stuff you don't see about me is that I am a true introvert (people tire me out, solitude re-energizes me) and that I live with bipolar disorder. That makes me someone who doesn't get out much and who has to put a lot of energy into managing a serious mental disorder. And I have to manage this disorder without medication for reasons which would take too long to describe here.

3. I love to write, have always loved to write. Whether in a journal or letters to friends and relatives, or my own personal greeting cards, I just love writing.

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Bipolar – 20 Minutes at a Time


 What could I possibly be talking about? This might sound kind of silly and maybe it’s just me but part of my bipolar causes me to do too much of things I enjoy, especially when I am manic.

The result is that when I first started blogging I got so into it and I spent so much uninterrupted time on the computer that I developed terrible headaches and had to quit for awhile.

Then I needed a hobby to replace blogging and I started sewing – with a passion! Hours and hours of pleasure, it was so good to do something creative again. The result? A spasm in my sewing arm that massage, acupuncture and pain killers could not erase. I had to quit sewing for awhile.

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Liebster Blog Award

I have been awarded the Liebster Blog Award by Pamela Curtis at "Make This Look Awesome". THANKS PAMELA! She deals with an autoimmune disorder that will make you feel like you have absolutely nothing to complain about, but, she tries to 'make it look awesome'. Just the title of her blog inspired me and that is why I went to visit her in the first place. But now I visit regularly.

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Tech Therapy?

A Cell Phone App for Depression?

A Cell Phone App for Depression?

I remember when computers started to enter my world in 1987. I was a mother of girls, nine and eleven, and a full time teacher of eleven and twelve year olds at a small private christian school. Despite the small budget we were discussing the possibility of getting a computer for each classroom.

I was technically ignorant then and could not imagine the advantages of that.

First of all I presumed the computer was a lone activity and so wondered how could we share one computer with 30 children.

Secondly, I was not all for putting young minds in front of a screen. While I raised my own girls we lived without a TV for about seven years. They found other things to do and those ‘other things’ I valued more than TV.

However, the computer arrived, I took a few brief lessons myself, and I could not believe the benefit it was to our little classroom.

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Blogging for Depression: Part 3

This entry is part 3 of 4 in the series Blogging for Depression


See? Even cats find blogging intriguing? Or is it the mouse that has his attention? Either way, blogging can quickly become a hobby you wondered how you had ever lived without.

I am not just blogging for your depression, I am blogging for my depression.

That's right, blogging helps my depression. The process of writing helps depression. There are not many counselor/therapists you go to who won't encourage you to journal.

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Blogging for Depression: Part 2

This entry is part 2 of 4 in the series Blogging for Depression

We Can Do It! Rosie the RiveterAfter enjoying my first blog so much I thought about creating a blog concentrating on depression and all that I had learned that had been a great help to me.

And so 'Dipsy Doodling around Depression' was born which again, like my first blog I deleted in a bipolar manic moment . But the fun continued, new friendships were made and the research went on, and on and on.

I was not only researching depression I researched blogging as well. I think there may even be more stuff about blogging on the internet than about depression!

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Blogging for Depression, Part 1

This entry is part 1 of 4 in the series Blogging for Depression

Older woman using a laptop computer at homeBlogging is part of my depression coping strategies program. It didn't start that way. When I was forced to give up my little arts business due to depression, I knew I needed a creative outlet.

Writing seemed the natural choice. I always loved writing. So I decided to start with something small – a novel! (Must have been manic that day…)

Since I love to do research on anything that I pursue I began to read all about 'writing' and oh my goodness, there was so much advice out there. I almost got so caught up in the advice that I didn't start my novel for quite awhile. One of the bits of advice I read was to create a blog, to have a presence out there. Seemed like a good idea to me.

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Blogging Heroes: Meet Cancer Survivor, Depression Recoverer









Blogging heroes are pioneers on the internet exemplifying courage, wisdom and inspiration. Welcome to the second in many Mondays of "My Heroes" where I will share with you, one blogger who is doing a great job blogging through depression and inspiring others.

What is a hero to you? The original idea of a hero would have been something to do with super human strength. 'Hero' sometimes implies somebody that we look up to. To me 'hero' involves someone who tries hard to live a full life in face of  human limitations and hardships. To me, anyone who can continue to inspire others, despite their own disappointments is a hero.

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