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“Seams Fitting”

This entry is part 16 of 17 in the series Whimsical Wednesday

sewing-machineIt is ‘Whimsical Wednesday’ where I chat about something light and airy and unimportant!

I love some of the names that people choose for their businesses. This week on one of my various walks around various small towns I found two interesting seamstresses with a sense of humour. One called her business “Seams Fitting” and the other “Sew What!” I do get a kick out those sorts of things.

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Bipolar – 20 Minutes at a Time


 What could I possibly be talking about? This might sound kind of silly and maybe it’s just me but part of my bipolar causes me to do too much of things I enjoy, especially when I am manic.

The result is that when I first started blogging I got so into it and I spent so much uninterrupted time on the computer that I developed terrible headaches and had to quit for awhile.

Then I needed a hobby to replace blogging and I started sewing – with a passion! Hours and hours of pleasure, it was so good to do something creative again. The result? A spasm in my sewing arm that massage, acupuncture and pain killers could not erase. I had to quit sewing for awhile.

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