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The Power of One Baby

the power of one baby

Have you ever wondered why God chose to visit this earth in the form a little baby?

I have until about a year ago I was enlightened about the power of one little baby.

Babies are powerful.

Our family was blessed with another new baby last Christmas, a little girl named Reilly. There was already a nine year old sister, Laine, and an eight year old brother, Jack, in this family. Reilly was an unexpected surprise to everyone but her mom and dad who had decided they loved raising kids so much that they wanted more.

I remember the day the big announcement was made. We were all together at a family birthday party. Jack who can barely keep a secret arrived at the door telling everyone they had "a big announcement, a really big announcement and you are going to be really surprised!"

Well, a baby was not even on the list of anyone's guesses.

When it was time for cake, Jack and Laine stood proudly together facing the entire family and in one voice yelled out

“we're going to have a baby!”

You could not contain our excitement – there were hoops and hollers and tears and congratulations and hugs and well – you can imagine.

We were transformed in that moment. 

 The baby had not even arrived yet and already had a powerful effect on all of us but especially on Jack and Laine.

Now Jack, who had spent the last 8 years as the annoying little brother was not used to being held in high regard but this baby was going to change everything for him. His mother told him and he announced with a proud voice

“this baby is going to look up to me!”

This powerful little baby who hadn't even arrived yet had brought Jack



and anticipated joy

like nothing else could.

As for the big sister Laine – calm, serene, demure – she, like Mary, 'pondered these things' quietly.

By the time Christmas came along Reilly was two months old and the power of her transforming presence was undeniable.

I was talking about the baby Jesus with the other grandchildren and I said “you know Mary was so young, not much older than you girls. Could you even imagine being a mother at your age?”

Laine, with the body of a nine year old girl, but the heart and wisdom of a woman said

“I could. I've got Reilly.”

One little baby made a real live mother out of a nine year old girl and a respected older brother out of an eight year old boy.

That is one powerful baby.

All babies are powerful.

Only God knows how much.

May the baby Jesus, God in the flesh, become more real to you than ever before this year.

May you embrace that little baby Jesus and absorb all of its tenderness, love and transforming power.

Merry Christmas!

the power of one baby

Dance Like No One’s Watching!

This entry is part 10 of 19 in the series Self-expression


Oh I do hope you are taking me up on 'The Self-Expression Challenge". As I continue in this series which is promoting the idea that self-expression can be helpful for dealing with depression, I would like to chat about dancing and it therapeutic benefits.

I gave you a good list of different forms of self-expression. We have tackled prayer and coloring so far. Did anyone try prayer?

And how about coloring, how is that going? Now, I don't want you to quit coloring and start dancing instead, but I DO want you to start dancing.

Do you know that song "Dance Like No One's Watching"?  Wait, there is another song similar, click here. Anyways, the point is this, that we should DANCE LIKE NO ONE'S WATCHING!

Or like the little guy in this picture, dance whether anyone is watching or not. Look at the joy on his face! Of course he is young and carefree but still, maybe a little dancing might make us young and carefree again?

WHAT ABOUT YOU? So, my self-expression challenge for you today is to dance, for one minute! With or without music, it is up to you.

Tomorrow I will ask you how that felt, and then share some of the amazing therapeutic benefits of dance.

I am so glad you dropped by today!

Join me again at ‘Depression Getaway’ and together we will…

…live, care, laugh, share, learn, discover, forgive and recover.

Don’t give up, I’m praying for you!

Wendy Love



4 Tips for Living with ADD

This entry is part 10 of 10 in the series ADD - Attention Deficit Disorder

manbookThis is the last part of a series I have been writing about ADD. If you know someone who might be ADD, you may want to share this series of posts with them. This one is the most important post of all so please read on!

As much as there are definitely similarities among people who have ADD, it is also, like any disorder, very individual. I hope my stories have created a revealing picture which you may identify with if you know someone who has ADD. It may even be you!

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ADDers rarely say “I’m Finished!”

This entry is part 9 of 10 in the series ADD - Attention Deficit Disorder

clutterWe have been chatting about ADD, Attention Deficit Disorder. Last time I mentioned the challenge that exists for a person who has trouble concentrating and that was finishing projects. We can all struggle with that sometimes.

Due to the tendency towards distraction, it is likely that most people with ADD will start a lot of different projects! This is not only frustrating for them but also for those who live with them.

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Did you know that ADDers can pay attention BETTER THAN ANYONE?

This entry is part 8 of 10 in the series ADD - Attention Deficit Disorder

EMSL 1319 041In discussing ADD on these last few posts, I have emphasized the negative side which is two parts.

1. inability to concentrate without being distracted

2.  inability to organize, or to create and maintain order

As with all things however, there is a flip side.

If the ADD person starts a project that is extremely interesting or important to them, they may become totally locked in, or ‘hyper-focused’. They will be able to stick with that activity for a long period of time without being distracted. They will bury themselves in it to the exclusion of everyone and everything. And that too will drive you nuts if you let it.

This is one way in which this condition can contradict itself. Even though a lot of the time, a person with ADD has a lot of difficulty paying attention to one task, there are also times when they can pay attention better than anyone. At those times the ADD person is your man! When you hit it right, they are the best person for the job!

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Lessons from Sesame Street: ADD and Finding Differences

This entry is part 7 of 10 in the series ADD - Attention Deficit Disorder
Remember that game on Sesame Street?
‘One of these things is not like the others….’?
Well, if you were to play that game with my husband, using the above photograph, he would not only point out the obvious, the tart is different than the donuts, but he would probably also have to mention some sorts of differences he sees between the donuts too.
I mentioned the last time how my husband has to pick up EVERY brochure that he has the chance to pick up. Why is that?  Why EVERY brochure? Because they all present the same level of interest for him. He can’t prioritize them. He can’t discriminate between them. He has a hard time eliminating some of them in preference of others.This is one of the contributors to the condition of ADD; everything is equally distracting, not just some things. That is why they are distracted almost all the time.
ADDers have a hard time seeing similarities because they can see so many differences. If you were to play the ‘one of these things is not like the others’ game with an ADDer and this photo of three donuts and a tart, you might have an argument on your hands. Instead of wanting to point out right away that the tart just doesn’t belong, they may also point out some of the minor differences between the donuts.
ALL DIFFERENCES MATTER to someone with ADD, some differences are not necessarily bigger than other differences.

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Why Does my ADD Husband Leave Stores Backwards?

This entry is part 6 of 10 in the series ADD - Attention Deficit Disorder


In the last post I said that my ADD husband walks out of stores backwards. Did that get anyone’s curiosity? As I continue to share some stories about my ADD husband, and hopefully shed some light on this frustrating mental disorder, I would like to talk some more about distraction.

The one store in particular that he has trouble leaving is Staples and I will tell you why in a minute.

Yesterday I explained how the very thing the ADDer craves, distraction, is the very thing that makes their life so difficult (and makes them so annoying!) It is like they are addicted to distraction. They crave it, they want it, it feels good, it triggers some pleasure button that they want to experience again and again. And, like all addictions, it gets them into trouble.

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How is ADD like a 3 Ring Circus?

This entry is part 5 of 10 in the series ADD - Attention Deficit Disorder
We are talking about ADD for a few days. What makes me an expert? First hand experience, or maybe I should say second hand. Anyways, my husband is ADD, my stepson is ADHD and I am a retired teacher who taught several children with the same disorder. I made it a point many years ago to study the subject when I met my first ADHD student in 1988. I have been fascinated by it ever since.
It was good preparation so that when I married my second husband Cliff in 1998 I was well aware of the effects of ADD. The ideas I am sharing with you here are not as a result of my own personal research, but as a result of my experience living with an ADD person for over 14 years now. It is never dull.

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This entry is part 4 of 10 in the series ADD - Attention Deficit Disorder


Doesn’t that look like the most satisfying hug? Did you know that the human hug has tremendous power?

Yesterday I mentioned how holding my husband’s hand during a movie helped him to stay focused on the movie and enjoy the entire show without missing important parts of the plot.

The challenge with the ADD person is not only keeping their attention, it is also getting their attention in the first place. They often don’t even look at you while you are speaking, their eyes are usually all over the place, along with their minds.

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ADD’s Secret Weapon: It is right at your FINGER TIPS

This entry is part 3 of 10 in the series ADD - Attention Deficit Disorder


I am doing a series on ADD, using my husband as my lab rat (I couldn’t resist that!) Seriously though, ADD is common, it is real, it is frustrating for the person who has it and the people who live with them. So here is my attempt to bring some enlightenment from my own experiences.

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