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Faith – More than a Depression Getaway

Faith – more than a depression - more than a depression getawayMy faith is more than my depression getaway.

It is my anchor in a storm.

It is better than a hospital bed with compassionate nurses and skilled psychiatrists.

It is better than the best antidepressants.

It doesn't give me a break or a getaway from depression.

It gives me strength to survive.

It give me a reason to survive.

You see with faith in a living God, I believe there is more to life than this life I live.

I believe there is life after death and that life is a billion times better than this life.

And so I believe that depression won't last forever.

I believe that my life has meaning and my problems have meaning.

I believe that all of the yucky stuff associated with depression is not a waste.

I believe I am learning and it is making me a more compassionate person.


depression shrinks my life,


faith expands my life.

I believe in something, someone, bigger than me and that is God himself.

I have faith in a God who has a plan for me.

faith - more than a depression getawayFaith is a choice. 

I choose faith.

You can too!


Do you have faith in a living God?

Would you like to have faith?

I am praying for you right now.

You can pray too.

faith - more than a depression getaway



Faith Moves Mountains – How does that work exactly?

Faith moves mountains!faith moves mountains

Faith, which I claimed last week was invisible, can move mountains?

How can that possibly be?

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Faith is Invisible – That’s Why You Have to be Blind to See It!

Faith is invisible!

faith is invisible

Faith is invisible. 

It is intangible.

Faith is blind and yet….

it causes us to see, 

see what?


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Faith is my Key and Faith is Free!

Faith is my key.

Faith is free!

Can you afford that?


Do you have any?

Would you like some?

Faith is my key and faith is free!

Faith is my key for surviving depression.

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The Power of One Baby

the power of one baby

Have you ever wondered why God chose to visit this earth in the form a little baby?

I have until about a year ago I was enlightened about the power of one little baby.

Babies are powerful.

Our family was blessed with another new baby last Christmas, a little girl named Reilly. There was already a nine year old sister, Laine, and an eight year old brother, Jack, in this family. Reilly was an unexpected surprise to everyone but her mom and dad who had decided they loved raising kids so much that they wanted more.

I remember the day the big announcement was made. We were all together at a family birthday party. Jack who can barely keep a secret arrived at the door telling everyone they had "a big announcement, a really big announcement and you are going to be really surprised!"

Well, a baby was not even on the list of anyone's guesses.

When it was time for cake, Jack and Laine stood proudly together facing the entire family and in one voice yelled out

“we're going to have a baby!”

You could not contain our excitement – there were hoops and hollers and tears and congratulations and hugs and well – you can imagine.

We were transformed in that moment. 

 The baby had not even arrived yet and already had a powerful effect on all of us but especially on Jack and Laine.

Now Jack, who had spent the last 8 years as the annoying little brother was not used to being held in high regard but this baby was going to change everything for him. His mother told him and he announced with a proud voice

“this baby is going to look up to me!”

This powerful little baby who hadn't even arrived yet had brought Jack



and anticipated joy

like nothing else could.

As for the big sister Laine – calm, serene, demure – she, like Mary, 'pondered these things' quietly.

By the time Christmas came along Reilly was two months old and the power of her transforming presence was undeniable.

I was talking about the baby Jesus with the other grandchildren and I said “you know Mary was so young, not much older than you girls. Could you even imagine being a mother at your age?”

Laine, with the body of a nine year old girl, but the heart and wisdom of a woman said

“I could. I've got Reilly.”

One little baby made a real live mother out of a nine year old girl and a respected older brother out of an eight year old boy.

That is one powerful baby.

All babies are powerful.

Only God knows how much.

May the baby Jesus, God in the flesh, become more real to you than ever before this year.

May you embrace that little baby Jesus and absorb all of its tenderness, love and transforming power.

Merry Christmas!

the power of one baby

Christmas Stress: Taking my own Advice

Merry Christmas!

To all of my Depression Getaway readers:

I am taking my own advice.

I am cutting out everything I can to save what little energy I have for this stressful time of year.

So, I am starting with my blog and taking a break from posting until the new year.

In the meantime, be kind to yourself during this season.

Keep that Christmas Crash Helmet on

before, during and after Christmas.

I'll  be back in the New year.

Wendy Love










‘Best Christmas Ever’ – Do You Have One?

Best Christmas ever? I know what one of mine was. Like to hear about it?best christmas ever

My 'best Christmas ever' has to do with one person, not with gifts or parties or decorations or Christmas movies.

And that person is my sister!

This picture of me and my sister was taken in 1967. We could laugh at nothing at all, or at everything. We find the same things funny. She is a little older than me so she has been in my life from the very beginning.

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Family Christmas: Filled with Laughter or Fraught with Tension?

'Family Christmas'– does that phrase bring good or bad memories to mind?

family christmas

"Family Christmas" brings all sorts of warm childhood memories to my mind. I remember food, fun, family, laughter and most of all love.

At least that is how I remember my childhood Christmases. Who knows, maybe my parents had stresses with our family christmas that I was not aware of?

Let me share a typical childhood Christmas for me.

I had lots of Aunts, Uncles and cousins right in Toronto where I grew up. On Christmas eve we would get together at church. The service was boring to this child but when you are sitting shoulder to shoulder with siblings and cousins, and 'visions of sugar plums' dancing in your head, it was pure fun. After church we would go back to someone's house for goodies and visiting and opening one present.

On Christmas morning my sister and I (after having slept for 2-4 hours) would wake up our folks at 5 or so. My mom would not deviate from her usual routine of washing her face, putting on lipstick, and adding pearls to her already beautiful negiligee outfit. Before we could start any present opening she would prepare tea and toast and fruit and bring it into the living room on a tray. I guess she thought no one should open presents on an empty stomach. After presents were torn open, my mom and dad might sometimes go back to bed (I thought they were sleeping) while my sister and I would play with our new stuff.

A little later in the morning we got together with our cousins for breakfast and more gift opening. Whoever did the breakfast didn't do the evening meal. After this lovely time of family, presents and food, home we would go.

Oh my goodness, a lull on Christmas day? Not for long. Soon we were packed up and going to visit our step relatives for more gifts and food. Then it was back home to prepare for the evening meal. While waiting for the final event of the day, my sister and I would lovingly arrange our stash of goods under the tree and discuss whether or not there might still anyone else who had a gift for us.

The next and last part of the day was a delicious turkey supper. I can still picture my uncle carving the meat. I can taste my aunt's pies. I can see my mother's pretty face. I can see my dad lovingly looking over us all. And I can see my sister, always there, usually right beside me. My sister was the one constant of every Christmas.

Were all of my Christmases so busy, so idyllic, so full of family. No, they weren't. There were probably only five or so like the one I described. This was probably my most ideal one, at least to me, as a child.

Maybe our childlike recollections of Christmas set all of us up for being disappointed in Christmas when we become adults? If we did have a happy family Christmas it might have been partly because we weren't involved in any of the planning or the work? We just turned up, opened gifts, ate food and enjoyed.

'Family christmas' – does it conjure up happy childhood memories or not?

'Family' can be one of those Christmas landmines we have been talking about.

For further reading you may want to check out Holiday Stress: 6 Ways To Deal With Difficult Family Members During The Holidays

WHAT ABOUT YOU? 'Family christmas' – does it conjure up happy childhood memories or not? And what about now? What kind of interactions are you looking forward to or dreading this Christmas? If there is no way to avoid situations or people who are unpleasant for you, can you figure out some way of dealing with it to minimize the stress?

I am so glad you dropped by Depression Getaway today. There is hope for depression. Don't give up. I am praying for you – right now.

Dear God,

Please comfort and heal the dear person who is reading this. Show them ways to minimize stress this Christmas. Thanks Lord.

Wendy Love


‘Season to be Jolly’?

Season to be jolly? That's a lot of pressure for someone who is depressed. 

season to be jolly

Tis the season to be jolly? Even if you don't deal with depression you can find it hard to be happy just because it is Christmas.

I remember the first Christmas after my dad died suddenly at the age of 59. Christmas came three months later. I knew Christmas was going to be tough. I even wondered if there was some way to avoid it all together. A friend said 'sure you could avoid it this year but then next year you will still have to have your first Christmas without your dad. You may as well get it over with.'

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Christmas Landmines: Detect and Avoid

Christmas landmines, I have a few. The biggest one might even be my own landmines

My mother was a classy, fussy lady. Every morning I walked into our little kitchen to a mother who had already washed her face, brushed her hair and teeth, put on pearls (yep pearls), lipstick and a pretty negligee! 

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